Tuesday, May 29, 2007

14 Weeks

Getting bigger.... I definately need to get maternity clothes ASAP. None of my pants are comfortable anymore (except for my trusty sweats) And my button up shirts..well they don't so much button anymore...
Headaches still remain but seem to be less frequest now. Hopefully it wil stay that way since the neurologist who I am supposed to see is booked until October. Hell, I'll be close to giving birth by then!

Monday, May 21, 2007

13 weeks & a Bachelorette Party

13 weeks this passed Friday! I am relaly starting to show now. Feeling OK. Actually I feel really good except for these pesky headaches. They are not really that bad, just annoying. It's funny, when pregnant everyone asks you if you are OK...all the time. The concern is really nice, don't get me wrong :). I think I'd be more OK if I could just chug a beer. Would have beeen especially nice this weekend....

...at my sisters bachelorette party. It was a really good time, even though I was the only sober one. I still had a fun watching everyone else get drunk while sipping my cranberry juice on the rocks...woohooo! My sister sure had a great time HAHA:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day present from Dustin. Two dozen roses delivered to my door. Aren't they pretty? I love getting flowers, one of my few very girly characteristics.

12 Weeks

This is me on Friday at exactly 12 weeks. Beer gut or baby? You tell me. Looks to me like I ate too much . I wish I could just go straight to looking pregnant ans skip the whole "is she pregnant or chubby?" phase. Not that I'm complaining.

Currently I feel pretty good. I am eating normally again even though I can't eat a lot all at once. I still get headaches frequently but nothing too bad.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

11 Weeks, 5 Days

Dustin and I went to the doctor over lunch yesterday. We got to listen to the baby's heartbeat for the very first time! It was incredible! The heartbeat is strong and everything looks good. The doctor found the heartbeat right away even though he thought it may take awhile since he had to scan through the bone since the baby is still so small and hidden behind there. Only 8 weeks until we find out the sex!

Here is my first sonogram at 8 weeks 5 days