Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Update

I can't believe i started this blog over 5 YEARS ago when we were expecting Johanna. She just had her 5th is that even possible??? I love looking back and reading old posts, all the things that have happened, some not so great but mostly good! With our growing family I have had less and less free time for this blog but also my mind is full of dinner, laundry, schedules and work that I simply forget about it. Facebook makes it really easy to post pictures so it's easy to forget about this. I am going to try once a month for an update...sounds reasonable right?

Like I said, Jo just had her 5th Birthday, she is so grown up and smart as can be. She is good to her brother and sister even though she and Emery get in fights more frequently now (Mostly instigated by Emery taking Johanna's stuff).  Johanna is pretty patient most times, but even she can only take so much.

Emery gets funnier and funnier every day. The stuff she says will make you double over. She told Dustin "whenever you get little and I get big you can live in my belly" She has the vocabulary of a 5 year old and she used it for sure. She has a really hard time listening to what we tell her to do and she is stubborn as a mule so that creates some conflict :) But she is a sweetheart, adores Johanna and smothers Micah.

Then there is Micah. Possibly the cutest baby who ever existed, he is a snuggler, give him a stuffed animal and he immediately will put it up to his check and cuddle it. He loves his blue blankie if it's within view he has to have it. We took it to his one-year photo shoot to have in a few ended up in a lot of the pictures because he kept crying for it. He is also really good at temper tantrums. He gets so worked up where he starts banging his head against the wall or floor. We have to just put him in his bed, sometimes I fear he is going to hurt himself badly. I am hoping this is just a phase...

The most important thing is that everyone is healthy.  Dustin is feeling much better overall.  Micah just got over croup and is feeling fine.  Things could always be better but they can always be much much worse!
At The Pumpkin Patch This Fall

Micah's 1 Year Photos