Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two Years ago Today

Two year ago today I was supposed to hold my newborn son. It's ironic to me that this day coincides with the beginning of Summer, not feeling so summery at the moment.
He should be two years old today. I still miss him so much and I think of what our life would be like with him here with us as a toddler.
We feel very blessed to have our girls and this new baby on the way. I really believe Keller watches out for all of them and is their guardian Angel! Keller will always be missed, and never forgotten.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the last few months

It's has been so long since I last posted, life has gotten in the way! it doesnt' help that out laptop broke down either!

Nothing too major has happened in tha last couple months, the girls are growing and so is baby (and my belly ) ! I am at 24 weeks now, YAY. We are having a boy this time so we are VERY excited, but it also brings back some memories of Keller. I have been getting ultra sounds every two weeks and he is looking great and always has a strong heartbeat. He is moving a lot now, I love that feeling:

I also started makign hair bows for the girls (at this point mostly for Johanna). I decided to sell them and I have sold a few already. I like making things, it relaxes me after running around and working all day. I wish there were more hours in the day! Between work, kids, cleaning house and the bows I need at least 30!