Wednesday, June 27, 2007

18 weeks

I was 18 weeks on Friday! I am feeling pretty good these days...I haven't had a headache in a few days, I guess my body is getting used to all the extra hormones! About time, cripes! Camera is still broken but I'll see if I can get someone else to take a picture soon. Maybe my camera will be magically fixed when I get home today. I wonder if the house/apartment cleaning fairy fixes cameras too. Cause she is deperately overdue and will hopefully make an appearance while I am at work today. HAHA. Anyway in the meantime here is what the baby looks like:

He or she is about the size of a large sweet potato and weight in at about 7 ounces. The baby is flexing his or her arms and legs. Sometimes I think I can feel it but I am not quite sure!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

17 Weeks

I didn't get around taking a belly picture this week either. Our camera is broken and I am lazy... so this will have to do. That's roughly what our offspring looks like at the moment. He or she is about 5-7 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces! Can't feel any movements yet but that's supposed to start within the next two weeks! Heatbeat is strong in the 160's according to today's doctor's visit! Next time we will find out if it's a boy or girl!
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Poo Story

A friend emailed me this story and I couldn't stop laughing. Don't read this if you are easily grossed out or offended.

On our way back from Fayetteville we stopped in podunk MO and used the restroom at this gas station. Well, upon entering just the STATION itself it smelt like total feces. We made faces and got in line. The girls' bathroom door opened and all the wrath of every butthole in the universe unleashed it's hatred. So, holding my nose, I walk in to get my business done and out of there. While in the stall, this lady comes and in says "Catalina? Are you okay?" reply, "...yea...." lady, "catalina your husband is worried about you." stall voice reply, "well....i had diarreah...." (very sad and embarressed tone) lady, "well what do you want us to do??" reply, "are there any wet paper towels so I can clean this up?" lady, "yea, i'll get you some. What about your clothes?" reply, .."..i dunno....can you get me some?" lady, "yes, i'll get you some clothes" I WAS ABOUT TO DIE. It was teeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrible. That pooooor pooor woman!!!!! Can you imagine? And of course since I couldn't SEE what happened (thank God) my brain totaly filled in the gaps and I imagined her swimming in a swamp of wet poo. Ga-Ross!!!!

Anyone else have a good poo story?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wedding in Bailey

Wedding season in in full swing! This weekend we went to Bailey Colorado For Dustin's cousin Ben's wedding. Beautiful area in the mountains with streams and breathtaking landscapes no matter what direction you look. At roughly 9000 though I don't recomend going there when pregnant. The altitude really got to me and I spent the last day and a half there hoping my head wouldn't actually explode. That plus nausea and light-headedness made for a fun last half of the wekend and an especially fun plane ride home. I swear I have never been so happy to be boring ol' Kansas in my entire life. I don't have any pics of the wedding celebration yet, but will share as soo as I get them!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Schwanzy, schwanzy, the candlestick maker

So I tried my hand at candle making... Roya had so many candle stumps left over from the wedding so I thought I could make a few big candles for her out of them instead of throwing them away... I have to say for my first attemps, they don't look too bad. My technique is still iffy and the candles definitely look "homemade". I think the pillar candle is my favorite. Although the wineglass candles looked like it actually had some fruity drink in it at first.

I think this may be a new hobby of mine, it's really fun and easy! Just another way to spend my money :)

Friday, June 1, 2007

My baby sister's Wedding

My sister's wedding was this past weekend. Still weirds me out a little since I remember the day my parents brought the little pest home. Ha, but I guess she isn't THAT much of a pest anymore... The wedding went off without a hitch except for a few minor details. The biggest one being that it had to be moved inside because of rain. In the end it was no big deal since it still turned out beautiful. We still got some pictures before it started raining so it was all good!

On top of it being just a great day we had the awesome pleasure to have the always awesome Aaron and Bev from The New Tragedies come sing for the happy couple. Nicest people in the world and it meant so much to Roya. (Buy their new EP at )

My adorable neice and nephew:

Madisyn, Roya and I: