Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jonah Michael

On Dec 4th, my sister and her husband welcomed their son Jonah into the world. He is a teeny little guy at 4lbs 12 oz, 18" but completely healthy! and gaining weight like a champ! He is the most adorable baby boy ever!

Update on our crazy life...

It seems like I never have time to post anymore because we have so much going on, but when I do have time I can't think of anything to write about that other people may be interested in! A few things happened though...

I had surgery on my wrist. The surgery went well, but I could swear the cyst is still there! WTF?! Did he just cut me open for fun?!?! Maybe it's just scar tissue or something but it feels and looks exactly as it did before except I have a scar now! I am going to make an appointment and get it checked out, maybe it just came back quickly.
Johanna had her three year well visit, and she is perfectly healthy as we pretty much knew. Dr Blum told her that she has to try her vegetables and she always recites what he said verbatim : "Dr Blum said: You have to try your vegetables, you don't have to eat them if you don't like them, but you have to at least try" I think she uses it as an excuse to take one bite and leave the rest, but at least she tries them now.
Emmy had her 9 month visit and she is also healthy except for the mystery ear infection! We had no idea she had one; she is so happy all the time and no fever either! I guess that's good, but I feel sort of guilty that I didn't notice she had an ear infection! She was 21 lbs and 8 oz so she is trying to catch up to sis in the weight dept! She is in the 80%ile for both height and weight!

Johanna hd her first ever Christmas program yesterday! It was cute an chaotic. I can't imagine even trying to keep 100 Toddlers organized, geez. Johanna was a bunny and when it was time to sing she sang on top of her lungs. I wish i had gotten some better pictures but it was dark and the camera I was using wasn't the best, but oh well, I got a few.
Being pretty
Waiting their turn
Bunnies everywhere
Can't tell who the girl is on the very left but the others are Ruby, Johanna and Jose. Jose is Johanna's best friend/nemisis. They have a love/hate relationship. Jose yells at whoever messes with Johanna but then pushes her 5 minutes later. (I am sure Johanna isn't innocent either)
Being a bunny

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Johanna!

**We love you more than life** I can’t believe how much our baby has grown up, she is so much fun. I think she had a great Birthday Party with her friends and family. She had so much fun running around with all her friends, doing an art project and playing games. She is so excited about all the stuff she got especially her art table, Barbies and Easy Bake Oven. She wanted to start baking right away after her party last night! What a great day!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sitting Up

It's really hard to get Emery to practice sitting, she makes her whole body stiff and either wants to stand up or lay down. She does just doesn't want to bend at the waist! When we do get her to do it, she will sit for 30 seconds to a minute now before she gets tired and flops over!

Playing with link toys at Oma's house

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Best Sound Ever!

Sisterly Love

I know I have said this before, but I just can't get over how good Johanna is wih Emery. She sees her baby sister when Dustin brings her in from the car in the evening and her face lights up. She won't even let him put the car seat down before she sticks her head in it to give Emery kisses. She refers to Emery as "my baby" , "my baby sister" or "my Emery Pearl" I thinks it's funny she tacks on the middle name like that most of the time. This morning I put Emery in bed with Johanna while I went to get her clothes or something and I could hear her talking to Emery over the monitor "HI EMERY PEARL! HI HI!" You can tell that Emery loves her big sister too. She sees Johanna and immediately smiles and reaches for her like she wants to give her a hug! We are so lucky, hopefully this will last... :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Isabella Mia is here!

Today my brother and his wife welcomed their new daughter into the world! Isabella Mia was born today 9/23 at 2:02 am. She is 7lbs 2.8 oz and 18.75" long. We can't wait to meet her!

Monday, September 20, 2010

dadadada and 6 month checkup.

Emery has been pretty vocal for a long time but she said "dada" this weekend and has been ever since! Dustin is pretending she is actually saying it in reference to him :) Needless to say he is pretty excited about it.

It's amazing how happy Emery is, she is all smiles, all the time, especially since she started the new medication. She must just be so happy not to hurt anymore. I am pretty sure she is getting her first two teeth in so we'll see how that goes. Her bottom gums are pretty swollen and I think I may see the white teeth right underneath. She is chewing on everything, especially her beloved yellow soft block. That thing is better than a pacifier when she does get upset! Emery had her 6 month checkup last week and she is looking great! She is definitely working hard to catch up to big sis in the weight department:

Emery's Stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 3 oz (82 %ile)
Length: 27" (82 %ile)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy happy baby

It's almost like I have a new baby! I mean I loved the old one but this one is happy all the time and seems to have no tummy troubles at all. The new medication is working wonders; she sleeps well and doesn't have any more fussy/screaming spells in the evening. She is eating really well and even feeding her cereal is getting easier. She is still not crazy about it but doesn’t spew it everywhere. she actually will swallow most of it now! Her legs are chunking up; I think she might be trying to catch up to Johanna's weight curve when she was a baby! Johanna is great as well, enjoying school especially now that it has cooled down a little and the kids get to play outside a lot.

What? Both girls are healthy? No one is sick? Think again. Dustin has been home from work for the last three days with a nasty bug, headache, body aches, fever and chills. We got to spend three hours at the urgent care clinic last night because he felt so crappy. Dr didn't think it was anything serious just some bug, possibly bacterial so he got a z-pack and something for his headaches. He has never taken two, let alone three days off work in the 10 years I have known him! He is just miserable. Hopefully he'll be better by tomorrow; Johanna is pretty worried about her daddy constantly asking if he is feeling better. She is so sweet and caring <3


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reflux and more reflux

Well we decided to take Emmy back to the Dr because her reflux just seems to be getting worse. for the last couple of weeks she has been super cranky in the evenings where we basically just have to carry her around upright or she'll scream bloody murder. The pediatrician agreed that it's her reflux and decided to try a different medication and to start Emery on cereal. For some reason Walgreen's is having all kinds of trouble with the prescription since its a compound medication and written as an odd dosage or something which they don't have a recipe for. So basically it will be a couple of days until they can figure all that out....I should have just gotten is filled at the pharmacy in the pediatrician's building. Oh well, I guess we'll keep giving her the Zantac until then. She had a good day today and as long as she is happy I can be patient I suppose. Her weight has really picked up, 16lbs 9oz now! Well above average so we are not worried about the reflux keeping her from eating enough ;)

Tonight we tried the cereal for the first time and she was definitely NOT a fan. She gagged a few times and I don't think she actually swallowed any of it

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just an Update

Emery is 5 months old tomorow, I can't believe it! She is doing well and gaining weight nicely, she even has leg and armpit rolls now! The only weird thing is that she has been really fussy from about 8-10 pm every night. We can't figure it out! We are going to try the probiotics again and keep giving her the reflux meds for now. If it doesn't get better I might try to get her in with the pediatrician sooner than her 6 months check up. Johanna is doign well too, just getting over a stomach bug. Throwing up and fever, poor baby. She always gets so upset when she has to throw up, almost like she did something wrong. For almost a whole day we had to geive her water by the spoon-full because she couldn't keep it down if it was more! Luckily it only lasted a couple of days. The things Johanna says and does amaze me every day, I have never met a 2.5 year old that can hold a conversation like she can. My favorite is watching her with Emery; she is so caring and concerned about her baby-sister all the time it makes my heart mealt. If Emery cries or fusses in her bed/bouncer Johanna is the first one there to give her toys, pacifier or kisses! Anyways here are some of my favorite recent snapshots of the girls!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Fun!

I still have never seen Johanna happier than in/around water...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

School Pictures

Johanna's school pictures...so adorable. The photographer came to her school and took pictures of all the kids! No obligation to buy of course...(how can you not?) She looks so grown up in these! Well she acts pretty grown up to...everything has to be her way and she has to do everything herself. Wonder where she gets that stubburnness.

4 Months Old!

I know I say this every time but... WOW, I can't believe Emmy is 4 months old. Where does the time go?? Seriously! It seems like yesterday I woke up to what I thought where stomach cramps... Dr Blum ws very happy with her, especially since she seems to be packing on the punds! For the first time she measures above average in every category! The reflux is in check and her weight shows it! She is a little congested right now but other than that she is the picture of health!

Emery's Stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 13.7 oz (69 %ile)
Length: 24.75" (62 %ile)
Head: 16.5" (64 %ile)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today.

One year ago today I was supposed to hold my newborn son. Instead his life was ended before it really began. He should be one year old today. I have been reliving the experience of losing him in my head over and over in the last few days and it brings me to tears. Thinking of things I would do differently thing s that would have made him stay with us. I come up empty and I know there is nothing I could have done. I miss him so much and I think of what our life would be like with him here with us. The most confusing thing about this is that if we hadn’t lost him we wouldn’t have our Emery, our beautiful baby-girl. She brings so much joy into our lives and we feel so blessed to have our girls but Keller will always be missed.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our trip to Omaha

We decided it was time for a mini vacation. Just a weekend away from home to do something different. We decided to drive up to Omaha so we could go to the Zoo and just have fun with the girls. It was the most exhausting vacation ever but I think Johanna had a great time. The hotel had a swimming pool which she liked way more than the Zoo :) She is definitely a water-baby. We even got Emery a tiny swim suit and let her "swim" for a while. She didn't seem to mind the water at all! The one bad part was that Johanna started coughing right before we left KC and it seemed like never stopped. She was coughing all night so we took her to Urgent Care in Omaha and they diagnosed a respiratory infection. We got antibiotics and cough syrup and the rest of the trip was much better; the meds really seemed to work. The Omaha Zoo was great but too big to see everything. It was hot and Johanna got tired so we made an early exit. We did go on the "skyfari" which is a chairlift that goes over the zoo and several of its exhibits, definitely my favorite part. Johanna's favorite part was the big rock in the aquarium and the popsicle we bought for her!

eating a popsicle...

... and Daddy's ice cream sandwich

chillin' in the hotel-room

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remembering our Angels

I think about Keller and our Beanie Baby often, especially now that were blessed with Emery. It's weird to think about that if they had stayed with us, Emery would not be here. I believe that Keller protected his baby sister when I carried her and made sure she arrived safe and sound. I get sad often because I miss my angels so much but try to remember all the good things in my life, Dustin, my kids, wonderful friends and family. I am pretty lucky. On Sunday we went to campus and had a family picnic. We ate, played and remembered Keller and Beanie Baby.


Keller's spot

My Baby-Princess

Which fist to chew on first?!?

Checking on Emery

Daddy & Baby

Playing Ball

Worn out!