Tuesday, August 14, 2007

25 Weeks!

25 weeks last Friday! Due day is fast approaching. Nothing really major happenning except that I am still getting bigger obviously! I am starting to get out of breath more easily now because the baby is pushing on my diaphragm...elevators are my friends. Last night I had to get up to pee (big surprise) and when I tried to go back to sleep, baby started doing summer-saults! She was moving like crazy as if she was jumping around on a trampoline or something! That went on for a bout 15 minutes and then she finally let me go back to sleep. I guess I should get used to that.

We have been gettinga lot of hand me down baby clothes from co-workers and friends! I swear that baby already has more clothes than I do! It' so nice not to have to buy a bunch of clothes on top of everythign else though. Well here is what I look like today:

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