Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Future in Writing

I set Johanna in front of my laptop today and just let her hit the keys. This is what she wrote:


" cxxfrgv czghn b nj c fgvfbvfbvfs c c

She read it to me and it sounded just like that.
PS: Will someone PLEASE tell me why, oh why after four months Johanna all of the sudden refuses to drink from the bottle? And no, she is no teething yet according to the pediatrician. :(

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Paul J said...

well. i wouldn't drink from a baby bottle either.
however, i might just be wierd.
on a more serious note:
possibly your baby just needs to be intrigued by it. babies are very curious.
get the baby interested!
try teasing it with the bottle!
hey, it worked for me whenever i was trying to feed a baby!
good luck,
paul j.