Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our trip to Omaha

We decided it was time for a mini vacation. Just a weekend away from home to do something different. We decided to drive up to Omaha so we could go to the Zoo and just have fun with the girls. It was the most exhausting vacation ever but I think Johanna had a great time. The hotel had a swimming pool which she liked way more than the Zoo :) She is definitely a water-baby. We even got Emery a tiny swim suit and let her "swim" for a while. She didn't seem to mind the water at all! The one bad part was that Johanna started coughing right before we left KC and it seemed like never stopped. She was coughing all night so we took her to Urgent Care in Omaha and they diagnosed a respiratory infection. We got antibiotics and cough syrup and the rest of the trip was much better; the meds really seemed to work. The Omaha Zoo was great but too big to see everything. It was hot and Johanna got tired so we made an early exit. We did go on the "skyfari" which is a chairlift that goes over the zoo and several of its exhibits, definitely my favorite part. Johanna's favorite part was the big rock in the aquarium and the popsicle we bought for her!

eating a popsicle...

... and Daddy's ice cream sandwich

chillin' in the hotel-room

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