Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update on our crazy life...

It seems like I never have time to post anymore because we have so much going on, but when I do have time I can't think of anything to write about that other people may be interested in! A few things happened though...

I had surgery on my wrist. The surgery went well, but I could swear the cyst is still there! WTF?! Did he just cut me open for fun?!?! Maybe it's just scar tissue or something but it feels and looks exactly as it did before except I have a scar now! I am going to make an appointment and get it checked out, maybe it just came back quickly.
Johanna had her three year well visit, and she is perfectly healthy as we pretty much knew. Dr Blum told her that she has to try her vegetables and she always recites what he said verbatim : "Dr Blum said: You have to try your vegetables, you don't have to eat them if you don't like them, but you have to at least try" I think she uses it as an excuse to take one bite and leave the rest, but at least she tries them now.
Emmy had her 9 month visit and she is also healthy except for the mystery ear infection! We had no idea she had one; she is so happy all the time and no fever either! I guess that's good, but I feel sort of guilty that I didn't notice she had an ear infection! She was 21 lbs and 8 oz so she is trying to catch up to sis in the weight dept! She is in the 80%ile for both height and weight!

Johanna hd her first ever Christmas program yesterday! It was cute an chaotic. I can't imagine even trying to keep 100 Toddlers organized, geez. Johanna was a bunny and when it was time to sing she sang on top of her lungs. I wish i had gotten some better pictures but it was dark and the camera I was using wasn't the best, but oh well, I got a few.
Being pretty
Waiting their turn
Bunnies everywhere
Can't tell who the girl is on the very left but the others are Ruby, Johanna and Jose. Jose is Johanna's best friend/nemisis. They have a love/hate relationship. Jose yells at whoever messes with Johanna but then pushes her 5 minutes later. (I am sure Johanna isn't innocent either)
Being a bunny

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