Friday, July 13, 2007

It's a GIRL!!!

I had my second sonogram yesterday! The baby was exrememly uncoorporative as far as "showing herself" But eventually the ultra sound tech got a pretty decent look. She wouldn't say 100%, but she seemed pretty sure it was a girl! Dustin and I are very excited, especially me because now I can buy cute girly things!

The baby looked perfect and measured exactly average in every category! She has a strong hearbeat and apparently strong legs, because she was kicking me in the bladder during the ultra sound!

We are keeping the name a secret so don't bother asking! No one will know until she is born! Here are some pics:

A perfect little foot!

Here you can see the head and her hand by her face. Her leg and foot are also there close to her face. She was all folded up!

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