Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Roommate Reunion '07

Poor Lorraine, had to hang out with TWO pregnant girls. If you knew her you would understand how funny that really is. This is the girl who says she herself will NEVER be pregnant and if she does want children she'll be in the waiting room along with Brandon waiting for her surrogate to give birth to their baby. But as usual she was a good sport and didn't mind all the pregnancy talk. She even asked us if it was OK to order Queso at lunch or if it might make us vomit. How thoughtful :).

We had lunch at Freestate and walked around downtown looking at baby stuff. Kristin is almost 17 weeks along so about 7 weeks behind me. It will be nice to have someone relatively close with a baby about the same age! I kind of hope she has a girl too! Here we are getting ready to go to lunch.
Myself, Lorraine & Kristin

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