Saturday, September 15, 2007

30 Weeks!

I made it to 30 weeks! Only 4 more weeks to go on bed rest! Seems like 4 more years... Baby is doing fine, strong heart beat and she is moving around a lot! Nothing has changed otherwise: I haven't dilated anymore and I am not having very many contractions as far as I can tell. I do have headaches again and I am starting to feel tired again but that's normal at this stage I hear. It's also getting harder to get comfortable at night but it's not too bad yet.

I feel like I am getting bigger every day...I just recently ran into the island in the kitchen and got myself a bruise on my stomach. I guess I am not used to my belly sticking out that far! We finally got some of the nursery furniture! I'll post pics as soon as we have it all set up. Stay tuned.

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