Saturday, October 6, 2007

33 Weeks!!

Like I have told some of you, I am huge. It's starting to get harder to get to sleep because it seems like she is squashing some organ or the other no matter how I lay down. Last doctor's visit was fine, I still haven't dilated anymore. I may go full term after all (knock on wood)
At least I only have one more week of bedrest left. I am really tired of sitting inside all day...

She is still moving a lot which is comforting to me for the most part. The other night she kicked me in the ribs so hard that I woke up from it and yelped loud enough for Dustin to wake up. That was not so cool, but it's good to know that she is healthy enough to do crap like that.

Only 7 weeks to go, I can'tbelieve it. It still seems really far away, yet terrifyingly close. We starst child birth class next week, and after that we should be as ready as we'll ever be.

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