Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby's first Christmas

Johanna came away from her first Christmas with a whole lot of loot and case of constipation! We are guessing the constipation came from traveling and messing with her schedule. She is better now and pooping nicely. The things I get excited about nowadays...

Other than that Christmas was fun. Christmas day was spend at my parent's house and then we were off for Johanna's first road trip to Hoxie to celebrate Christmas with Dustin's family. She got so many toys and clothes! We are do thankful for everyones' generosity. Not that we could convince either grandparents to stop buying her stuff if we tried. We also celebrated Dustin's mom LaRene's wedding while we were in Hoxie. Congratulations to her! Here are some pics form my parent's house and the trip to Hoxie

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