Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Months old!!!

Can't believe Emery is 10 months! Almost time to start planningher first Birthday Party! In the last month Emery has made leaps and bounds as far as development goes. She is a speed crawler, can't let her out of my sight even for a second or she is on the other side of the room trying to climb the stairs. She will climb all the way up the stairs without help if we let her (with me or Dustin close behind of course). She pulls up one everything and prefers standing to sitting. She can also walk with her walker or holding on to things. She babbles a lot and makes it known when she is not happy!! She is trying new foods all the time and is starting to reject baby food. She really wanted some of my lasagna yesterday!! Other than that she is still fighting her ear infection which has moved to the other ear. She started a second round of antibiotics on Tuesday so we are hoping that will knock it out finally. She can't have any dairy within 2 hours of taking that medication which is why I couldn't give her any lasagna. She was pretty pissed :( . Mushed up veggies just aren't the same.

Johanna is also amazing me with her strides she is growing up so fast. Yesterday I picked her up from school as as we were leaving she held the door open for a lady coming in. I did not tell her to do it, she just did. The lady looked stunned and complemented her on how sweet and helpful she was. Johanna was beaming all the way home and so was I. She truly loves to help. All the other kids' parents always tell me how sweet and polite Johanna is, and it makes me so proud! Dustin and I are truly lucky to have such amazing kids!

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