Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Micah Moo

Wow it's been a looong time. I have been simply overwhelmed with life. Most days I forget to eat breakfast in an attempt to get to work on time (never happens). So much has happened since my last post. The MAIN and most important thing that we welcomed out precious baby Micah into the world. He is nearly 6 months old now i can't believe how fast time flies.
Micah Matthew Keller Smith was born Oct 3rd by induction. He was 8lbs 10oz, 20 inches long, by far my biggest baby, nearly two pounds heavier than Emery! Johanna and Emery just love him to pieces. First thing Emery says every morning is "where Micah Moo?" Johanna wants to hold him all the time even though he is now getting too big. Johanna is both of the little ones' protector, no one messes with her babies :). I think that what makes me most proud of her.
While on maternity leave I started calling Micah "Micah Moo" and it's stuck, i have a feeling it will be his nickname for a while...even Johanna and Emery call him that now. Micah Moo is a tank, he loves to eat! He unfortunately has reflux like Emery but with meds it's not bad. Fortunately we found a pharmacy that know WTH they are doing, Walgreens can suck it. (if anyone is looking for a great pharmacy that does compounding, try Auburn) He sleeps through the night but usually has to be in his car seat or swing because of the reflux. Hey, I'll take it...after Emery this is an imense improvement.
I am so grateful for my three HEALTHY kids even though they drive me up the wall. So many wish to have what I have, just need to remember that when Emery dumps her milk out on the rug and Johanna freaks out about having to go to bed. I think about Keller and the bean a lot especially since we have had Micah. I wonder if they would have looked alike. I think so, since all of the kids look like Dustin and Keller did too even at that early stage. He looks down on them smiling I am sure.

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