Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Poo Story

A friend emailed me this story and I couldn't stop laughing. Don't read this if you are easily grossed out or offended.

On our way back from Fayetteville we stopped in podunk MO and used the restroom at this gas station. Well, upon entering just the STATION itself it smelt like total feces. We made faces and got in line. The girls' bathroom door opened and all the wrath of every butthole in the universe unleashed it's hatred. So, holding my nose, I walk in to get my business done and out of there. While in the stall, this lady comes and in says "Catalina? Are you okay?" reply, "...yea...." lady, "catalina your husband is worried about you." stall voice reply, "well....i had diarreah...." (very sad and embarressed tone) lady, "well what do you want us to do??" reply, "are there any wet paper towels so I can clean this up?" lady, "yea, i'll get you some. What about your clothes?" reply, .."..i dunno....can you get me some?" lady, "yes, i'll get you some clothes" I WAS ABOUT TO DIE. It was teeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrible. That pooooor pooor woman!!!!! Can you imagine? And of course since I couldn't SEE what happened (thank God) my brain totaly filled in the gaps and I imagined her swimming in a swamp of wet poo. Ga-Ross!!!!

Anyone else have a good poo story?

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