Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy happy baby

It's almost like I have a new baby! I mean I loved the old one but this one is happy all the time and seems to have no tummy troubles at all. The new medication is working wonders; she sleeps well and doesn't have any more fussy/screaming spells in the evening. She is eating really well and even feeding her cereal is getting easier. She is still not crazy about it but doesn’t spew it everywhere. she actually will swallow most of it now! Her legs are chunking up; I think she might be trying to catch up to Johanna's weight curve when she was a baby! Johanna is great as well, enjoying school especially now that it has cooled down a little and the kids get to play outside a lot.

What? Both girls are healthy? No one is sick? Think again. Dustin has been home from work for the last three days with a nasty bug, headache, body aches, fever and chills. We got to spend three hours at the urgent care clinic last night because he felt so crappy. Dr didn't think it was anything serious just some bug, possibly bacterial so he got a z-pack and something for his headaches. He has never taken two, let alone three days off work in the 10 years I have known him! He is just miserable. Hopefully he'll be better by tomorrow; Johanna is pretty worried about her daddy constantly asking if he is feeling better. She is so sweet and caring <3


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