Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reflux and more reflux

Well we decided to take Emmy back to the Dr because her reflux just seems to be getting worse. for the last couple of weeks she has been super cranky in the evenings where we basically just have to carry her around upright or she'll scream bloody murder. The pediatrician agreed that it's her reflux and decided to try a different medication and to start Emery on cereal. For some reason Walgreen's is having all kinds of trouble with the prescription since its a compound medication and written as an odd dosage or something which they don't have a recipe for. So basically it will be a couple of days until they can figure all that out....I should have just gotten is filled at the pharmacy in the pediatrician's building. Oh well, I guess we'll keep giving her the Zantac until then. She had a good day today and as long as she is happy I can be patient I suppose. Her weight has really picked up, 16lbs 9oz now! Well above average so we are not worried about the reflux keeping her from eating enough ;)

Tonight we tried the cereal for the first time and she was definitely NOT a fan. She gagged a few times and I don't think she actually swallowed any of it

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John said...

Sarah -

You need to take that prescription to a compounding pharmacy. Walgreens will almost certainly screw it up... They don't have the training and don't care if it is done right! I will be coming thru Lawrence on Saturday and I can deliver. Plus, I would love to make sure it is done right! You can reach me at work all day - 785-263-2229 John Kollhoff