Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just an Update

Emery is 5 months old tomorow, I can't believe it! She is doing well and gaining weight nicely, she even has leg and armpit rolls now! The only weird thing is that she has been really fussy from about 8-10 pm every night. We can't figure it out! We are going to try the probiotics again and keep giving her the reflux meds for now. If it doesn't get better I might try to get her in with the pediatrician sooner than her 6 months check up. Johanna is doign well too, just getting over a stomach bug. Throwing up and fever, poor baby. She always gets so upset when she has to throw up, almost like she did something wrong. For almost a whole day we had to geive her water by the spoon-full because she couldn't keep it down if it was more! Luckily it only lasted a couple of days. The things Johanna says and does amaze me every day, I have never met a 2.5 year old that can hold a conversation like she can. My favorite is watching her with Emery; she is so caring and concerned about her baby-sister all the time it makes my heart mealt. If Emery cries or fusses in her bed/bouncer Johanna is the first one there to give her toys, pacifier or kisses! Anyways here are some of my favorite recent snapshots of the girls!

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